The Concept

Indulge in our ” La Vie en Bleu ” philosophy and allow Saint to envelop your senses.

A legendary concept brought to life, SAINT Luxury Suites consists of a complex of former homes, barns, and cellars on the island of Santorini. Located among a strip of buildings that form the edge of the village of Oia. The hotel consists of a reception, sixteen suites, a restaurant, a common pool area, and a spa-gym, spread across six levels.

The hotel entrance, which can be reached through the main village pedestrian, is on the upper level where the reception and an outdoor lounge area are located too. Α central exterior staircase leads from the upper level to the level of the restaurant and the infinity pool area, connecting the intermediate three levels which comprise the hotel rooms and their private yards and pools. The lowest level includes a spa reception, a small gym, massage rooms, hammam, sauna booths, and a private relaxation yard on the edge of the cliffs.

The interior design of the hotel follows an austere and minimal approach based on the Cycladic architecture norms. The existing caves’ interior space meets a ‘total white’ mood, with minimum touches of iridescent gold and green colors, while free built curves and free-standing amorphous furniture bring out and enhance its sculptural plasticity. The new cave hotel spaces are characterized by a ” la vie en bleu ”, Mediterranee, vivid-color aesthetic, with abstract references to the cosmopolitan resorts of the Mediterranean South, more geometrical though, correlating the shapes and volumes of the interior with the forms of the exterior synthesis.