Luxury Yachting

Sail away and leave it all behind. You are at Saint!

Embark on a truly magnificent private yachting experience and succumb to the carefree spirit of the Aegean Sea… With a detoxed mind and a pumped-up spirit, simply lay back and enjoy the views, the fresh air and the luxuriance of your own private yacht! You can party anytime, anywhere- with good company, calm waves, cool drinks and the sweet Santorini sun- every moment is amplified.

Our premium yacht fleet is literally right at your feet; we can take you for a ride around the volcanic islets, for a quick island getaway or an evening dinner in the heart of Caldera. You name your theme; you pick the vibe and we’ll take care of the rest- just because! Laid-back luxury never felt so epic.

We are Saint. We believe in extravagance!


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