The Sainted Gym

Keep up your routine, stretch and tone your muscles at our private training center.

A newfound, untouched stretch of paradise has been erected on the famed island of Santorini, Greece. Saint Legendary Suites, the island’s hottest new addition, is the most exclusive hideaway for passionate, free-spirited lovers of the good life.

Picture a legendary concept brought to life… A secluded haven where whims and dreams come true; where every moment is infused with unsurpassed richness… Saint is your personal dreamy paradise, tucked away into the cliffs of Oia. From the moment you arrive to this splendidly constructed hotel, you will be awestruck by inspired conceptual design, unobstructed views, supreme facilities and an unmatched feeling of serenity.

Located in the quietest, most private and reserved part of Oia, Saint has redefined luxury with its sophisticated aesthetics and impeccable facilities. Crafted with passion and a genuine admiration for excellence, this mystical establishment stands out as a distinctive, modern perception of the island’s traditional blue and white hues.

Here, every feeling, every heartbeat is a celebration. Be free, revel, indulge, let loose, feel invigorated. Set the vibe, detox your mind, and experience laid-back luxury at its finest. Prepare to be swept away to another world, with no distractions, no fuss or noise… Just you and Saint’s majesty.

There are no restrictions when it comes to indulgence- just like with every love affair- dreams are your reality…

And, Saint is whatever you want it to be…

Whatever you feel like, whatever you fantasize!

Be the first to feel it.

Be the first to fall in love with Saint!