The Trinity Restaurant

Dine and drink like the gods!

Meals are a ritual at Saint Hotel, and everything is tentatively taken care of. Before dinner head up to our Cigar Lounge to admire Saint’s twinkling terraces and capture precious snapshots. Stay, until the moonlight illuminates your skin… Afterwards, make your way through Saint’s brilliantly white maze of secret paths down to Trinity Restaurant. There, you shall savor saintly flavors & celestial brews, all skillfully crafted with passion.

We are Saint. We are authentic, discreet, and we aim to bring your ideal reality to life!

Experience upscale local tastes with a twist by the stunning infinity pool or watch the famous sunset of Oia with your favorite cocktail in your hand. Take in the majestic views of Santorini’s famous Volcano while our dedicated team serves you the finest dishes, wines, champagnes and cocktails. We use only the freshest, high-quality ingredients to tantalize your taste buds and fuel your senses… In the mood for an extra special custom meal? Have a craving? Upon request, we’ll fly anything you like, from all over the globe. Fancy breakfast in bed or a midnight gourmet snack with some bubbly, brought to you on your private terrace? If you can name it, we’ll make it happen!


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